I want to wake up one morning and realise that I am 50 and I have spent the last 20 years of my life paying my disposable income to Goddess Lemur. I want to look around me at the tiny room I rent in the worst part of town and see just old pieces of furniture I have picked off rubbish tips. I want to see nothing of value. I will be tired from working two jobs.

I will awake that morning and feel nothing but joy? Why, because that morning I will go to get a paycheck to send every last penny I have earned to Goddess Lemur. I am particularly happy about it because I know that Goddess Lemur will that day be jetting off to a Caribbean Island for her fifth holiday of the year so far (and it's only April). The money I send her will pay for her first-class airfare. I know that she will get the service and attention she deserves on the flight.

I am also very happy because the previous month's money paid for her boyfriend's birthday present - a very expensive new watch. Goddess Lemur emailed me a photo of the two of them together dancing in a cool night club - he's showing off the watch in the photo - both of them are really laughing in the photo. They are happy, and so I am happy. I hope that when she gets back from the Caribbean, Goddess will email me a photo of the first-class lounge and one of her all tucked up in her first-class seat, perhaps with a glass of champagne.

I am going to make a particular effort in the coming month to live on less than the $20 per week Goddess gives me to live on. Then I can give even more next week.

Serving Goddess makes me really happy.

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