I am a REAL Goddess. My personalised verification photos to see you that.

I know you want to see that you're dealing with a real Money Goddess, so I have invented a verification feature in which I hold a sign with a personalised message to you. I expect that you have seen something similar on other sites, but I assure you that it was MY invention, and I have been doing it since 2007.

Some slaves want to have a verification photo with a specific message on it, which they set as their desktop wallpaper, or phone screen image, to remind them constantly of their Goddess, a domme who'll own your money. If you would like this, tell me what you want the message to say, after you've made your introductory tribute, and we can agree a suitable wording to mark the beginning of your new life as my cash slave.

Here are some examples of previous signs I have made, to inspire your imagination!

Donations to enjoy this spring like a true Goddess

April is the second month of spring and the last month of cold weather. You, males, can't wait for it to be gone as then you'll be seeing sparkling girls outside of your dusty window. You need to wash it as well you need to wake up your lust seeing me and other girls making you, weak-willed males, doing ass checkups. You're craving to wait when you can come back your sperm-scented home to wank and calm down your cock with a good wank. You can do something good in your life to be a work-ant making life around to be better. You have to treat gorgeous girls with your hard-earned cash as we're making this world better. You can have your lust squeezed inside of your right hand knowing it's you who have created this beauty because of her sexy appearance. Girls are buying clothing, cosmetics to please your eyes. Some guys support one girl, others another girl and that's how you can make your life better. You don't need to spend the money on something you don't need. Spend on girls as girls pay you back with your endless hard-on mode. Send at least $25. It's not offensive to send this small amount. It's offensive to send anything. Be a man.

Current month's donations - (April 2021)

Apr. 1st, 2021 My slut Jessica wants to buy bottomless pantyhose to be a perfect whore $50.00 click to see
Apr. 2nd, 2021 Slave Thierry has started a new month worshiping my ass.
Start your servitude like slave Thierry or be alone and lonely.
$50.00 click to see
Apr. 2nd, 2021 Slave Kenny is my Easter bunny who's horny, but not allowed to cum $25.00 click to see
Apr. 4th, 2021 Keith & Linda want to play with my juicy crotch nude pantyhose. $100.00 click to see
Apr. 5th, 2021 Slave Oz pays a cum tax seeing me in shiny panties. No cum torture $25.00 click to see
Apr. 6th, 2021 I let you to pick my leggings to worship my ass, slave Ken $25.00 click to see
Apr. 7th, 2021 Antonio, welcome back to me! You will receive the treat you like ;) $55.00 click to see
Apr. 8th, 2021 Slut Jessica got a pair of pantyhose and want to tease me wearing them $50.00 ($100.00 total) click to see
Apr. 9th, 2021 Yes, it works, my slave Oz. Keep trying if it works. LOL $25.00 ($50.00 total) click to see
Apr. 9th, 2021 Ken, I know you want to treat your Goddess, so I will buy what you like $25.00 ($75.00 total) click to see
Apr. 9th, 2021 My slave Thierry is receiving something he can't sleep without ;) $25.00 ($75.00 total) click to see
Apr. 10th, 2021 Keith & Linda, your bathroom will be shining soon! Keep it going! $50.00 ($150.00 total) click to see

- March 2021 - Admirer of the month WINNER - Keith & Linda

(Other men receive my personal attention while you wank on some soulless porn). Can you afford $25?


(click to enlarge these photos)

March 2021 (previous month)

Mar. 2nd, 2021 My panty sniffer Kenny wants my pussy Gin to lick the crotch. $25.00 click to see
Mar. 4th, 2021 My slut Jessica ordered a nice necklace to wear in everyday life. $50.00 click to see
Mar. 5th, 2021 Slave Thierry has started to support his Goddess on weekly basis to worship my ass. Be like slave Thierry or be alone and lonely. $25.00 click to see
Mar. 5th, 2021 My pussy sniffer Kenny wants to lick my Irish Cream. LOL $25.00 click to see
Mar. 7th, 2021 Robbie-Bobbie #2 can't live without my dark crotch thong & my dark hole $55.00 click to see
Mar. 8th, 2021 My ass sniffer Kenny bought me a bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream $25.00 click to see
Mar. 9th, 2021 Keith, don't pull your hair out. Get ready to drive back to Linda! $50.00 click to see
Mar. 9th, 2021 My ass sniffer Kenny can't stop and bought me a bottle tasty Brandy $25.00 click to see
Mar. 9th, 2021 Antonio wants this neon green peed in panty. $55.00 click to see
Mar. 10th, 2021 My slut Jessica received the second necklace to be a sexy whore. $50.00 click to see
Mar. 11th, 2021 My ass motivated slave Thierry to get a better job. He has it now and can live a better life & afford to send weekly tributes now. You can too! $25.00 click to see
Mar. 12th, 2021 Ass slave Kenny sniffs my shorts as a reward. $25.00 click to see
Mar. 12th, 2021 Come back home sooner Keith & drive faster with the 3rd arm now ;) $50.00 click to see
Mar. 12th, 2021 Antonio bought out all my dark blue thongs you guys have never seen. $55.00 ($110.00 total) click to see
Mar. 13th, 2021 You will receive my nude and tasty pantyhose, Keith & Linda! $100.00 click to see
Mar. 16th, 2021 Plan to go back to the gym as you're too fat, slave Kenny $25.00 click to see
Mar. 18th, 2021 Light up a candle and play like a real whore, my slut Jessica. $50.00 click to see
Mar. 18th, 2021 My ass slave Thierry has a steady progress in his life while he worships me $25.00 ($75.00 total) click to see
Mar. 19th, 2021 Kenny bought me a gin drink. It's as strong as his weakness to me! $25.00 click to see
Mar. 20th, 2021 Keith & Linda! It's your time to fight with the workers and pull your long hair out ;) $50.00 click to see
Mar. 23th, 2021 Kenny likes me sitting a chair backwards. A middle finger he likes too. LOL $25.00 click to see
Mar. 24th, 2021 Thank you Victor for choosing me being a first timer! You'll be satisfied! $120.00 Amazon
Mar. 25th, 2021 I've picked some sexy bras for you my slut Jessica.
Your boobs will make every client horny and want to suck your nipples!
$50.00 ($200.00 total) click to see
Mar. 26th, 2021 My slave Ken loves when I write to him my hot, bitchy stories $25.00 click to see
Mar. 27th, 2021 Keith & Linda, be careful driving your scyscraper while I am wearing nude pantyhose for your driving home to play with them. $50.00 ($300.00 total) click to see
Mar. 30th, 2021 You will be sniffing my panties soon, my chastity slave Oz. $50.00 click to see
Mar. 30th, 2021 Kenny's tribute for a hot story to make him cum like a volcano $25.00 click to see
Mar. 30th, 2021 Kenny just bought me a bottle of his best whisky to treat his Goddess $25.00 ($275.00 total) click to see

If you are worried about being mentioned in this chart, I will not publish your details here.

    Karina, please spend this amount to tease me even more!


goddess holding $50 banknote wearing black pantyhose and heels