I am a REAL Goddess. My personalised verification photos to see you that.

I know you want to see that you're dealing with a real Money Goddess, so I have invented a verification feature in which I hold a sign with a personalised message to you. I expect that you have seen something similar on other sites, but I assure you that it was MY invention, and I have been doing it since 2007.

Some slaves want to have a verification photo with a specific message on it, which they set as their desktop wallpaper, or phone screen image, to remind them constantly of their Goddess, a domme who'll own your money. If you would like this, tell me what you want the message to say, after you've made your introductory tribute, and we can agree a suitable wording to mark the beginning of your new life as my cash slave.

Here are some examples of previous signs I have made, to inspire your imagination!

Donations for December 2022

It's December when I need to wear warm pajamas and a pair of my panties beneath them. You need to wear panty over your face inhaling my pussy after such a sexy warmth. You will be warmer and feel hotter even without any heating. You can save on gas prices this year to warm up yourself the other way ;-) hehe Send a donation and warm up your feelings. Many guys have written to me that it works as much as they need to get naked and perform something nasty. You need me as your personal heater for your body and your mind!

Current month's donations - (December 2022)

Dec 2, 2022 Kenny wishes to see me wearing tight warm leggings! $25.00 click to see

- November 2022 - Admirer of the month WINNER - Keith & Linda

(Other men receive my personal attention while you wank on some soulless porn). Can you afford $25?


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November 2022 (previous month)

Nov 1, 2022 LOL, I like the way you look on Halloween my slave Ken. $25.00 click to see
Nov 2, 2022 My slut Jessica wants to rent a room to play like a sexy whore $50.00 click to see
Nov 3, 2022 John bought me 3 pairs of super shiny pantyhose to be teased with. $100.00 click to see
Nov 4, 2022 I ordered those super shiny red liquid leggings to tease you, slave Ken $25.00 click to see
Nov 5, 2022 Keith & Linda, I've started wearing my panties and pantyhose for you. $50.00 click to see
Nov 8, 2022 Good, you're feeling GOOD back again after those nasty shots, slave Ken $25.00 click to see
Nov 9, 2022 My slut Jessica is busy, but still super slutty and hot in outfits! $50.00 click to see
Nov 11, 2022 Keep recovering, my slave Kenny. Fingers crossed! $25.00 click to see
Nov 11, 2022 Keith & Linda, here is another portion of photos in my underwear for you $50.00 click to see
Nov 15, 2022 I can make you feel healed my slave Kenny. My ass helps ;) $25.00 click to see
Nov 16, 2022 My maid slut Jessica ordered a play place to stretch her asshole. $50.00 click to see
Nov 18, 2022 Here is a new middle finger from your Goddess you've been addicted to. $25.00 click to see
Nov 19, 2022 Gary, I am wearing this black satin panty for you. $50.00 click to see
Nov 19, 2022 Slave Oz is back to me to be locked again $50.00 click to see
Nov 19, 2022 Drink some to relief your mental pain worshipping my ass, Kenny $25.00 click to see
Nov 19, 2022 Keith & Linda, I mailed them today and they smell so great!! $50.00 click to see
Nov 22, 2022 I marked this thong as SOLD. This panty is yours, my first-timer Ed. $55.00 click to see
Nov 22, 2022 Kenny, you're my panty tester so check these new panties I bought! $25.00 click to see
Nov 24, 2022 Your camel toe is lickable for your clients, my slut Jessica! $50.00 click to see
Nov 25, 2022 Keith & Linda are preparing for a trip and for a check & mate! $50.00 click to see
Nov 25, 2022 Thanks for your support, Kenny! It's very valued these days! $25.00 click to see
Nov 25, 2022 Keith & Linda's Check & Mate like a tiger's jump! $50.00 ($250.00 total) click to see
Nov 28, 2022 Mark, choose a bad girl's panties I am ready to wear for you! $65.00 click to see
Nov 29, 2022 I will buy more things I need to buy these days, Kenny! $25.00 ($250.00 total) click to see
Nov 30, 2022 My slut Jessica wants to serve her Mistress even more these days! $50.00 ($250.00 total) click to see

If you are worried about being mentioned in this chart, I will not publish your details here.

    Karina, I want to treat you.  I respect what you're doing!


goddess holding $50 banknote wearing black pantyhose and heels