Goddess-Slave Rules. READ AND ACCEPT IT!

I have set out the following rules, in the form of a charter, for my most dedicated slaves to follow. It is aspirational: do not despair if you cannot yet observe every one, but do your best to build them gradually into your daily life. Let me know how you are getting on.

1. You will acknowledge me as your Goddess, and promise to pay me regular tribute, on time, as a mark of your desire to serve me.

2. You will say your prayers to me every morning and evening, thanking me for being your Goddess, and reflecting on how you can better serve me in future.

3. You will perform any tasks I set you quickly and conscientiously, and thank me for granting you the privilege of working for me.

4. If I place you in chastity, you will obey my instructions to the letter, and be grateful that I have chosen to take control over your genitals for my amusement and pleasure. You may communicate with me during your period of chastity, but you may not complain or protest. I want slaves who appreciate being controlled by me, and express their gratitude for what I do to them.

5. You will be courteous and respectful in all communications with me, and ensure that you take every opportunity to praise me, and let me know how much you adore me, your Goddess.

6. When in private, you will kneel whenever you see my picture, bowing your head, and thanking me for giving you the pleasure of seeing me.

7. You will work hard in your job, and seek to do well, both for yourself and for me. If circumstances and your health permit, you may take a second job to enable you to increase the size of your tributes. I very much like to know that you are working hard for me.

8. You will behave courteously and respectfully in the presence of all women. I want my slaves to be gentlemen, whose behaviour makes me proud to own them. Always give up your seat to ladies on public transport, offer to help with heavy luggage, open doors for women without making a show of it.

9. You will constantly think of ways that you might be able to help me build my Empire, or make suggestions for new directions I might try, and share your ideas with me. I keep notes on all my slaves, and like to reward those who prove their devotion to me.

10. Above all, remember that I am a real girl and well as your Goddess, and expect you to treat me as a human being, not just as a figment of fantasy. I find that relationships with my slaves are stronger when there is a good human connection, and a shared sense of humor.

Your Goddess Karina (Lemur)

      I read and accept your RULES, my Goddess! I'll be the best slave!