Current month's donations - (September 2020)

Sept. 1st, 2020 Ken sends a tribute to buy a pair of new shiny leggings $25.00 click to see
Sept. 3rd, 2020 My sexy slut Jessica sends a tribute to buy an ass plug as she has $25.00 click to see
Sept. 4th, 2020 Keith & Linda send a gift for more sexy white nylon socks and knee highs. $50.00 click to see
Sept. 4th, 2020 Puppy Kenny... keep it going to make me shine as your cock shines. $25.00 click to see
Sept. 4th, 2020 Jason sends a donation for more socks #0403 he ordered $25.00 click to see
Sept. 7th, 2020 Robert sends a gift for black thongs he orders $55.00 click to see
Sept. 8th, 2020 Hunter sends a gift to go shopping while sleeping. LOL $50.00 click to see
Sept. 8th, 2020 Puppy Kenny... lick more shine to make your tongue shiny too ;-) $25.00 click to see
Sept. 8th, 2020 My Sissy slave Leo is back! I knew you can't live my foxy personality! $50.00 click to see
Sept. 9th, 2020 You have to lick my toilet seat my dirty pig Leo. Lick-Lick-Lick! $100.00 click to see
Sept. 9th, 2020 Look at me, my paypig Leo! You were a fool serving wrong gals. $50.00 click to see
Sept. 9th, 2020 You have to deserve to own my worn bra. I own you and your little cock $25.00 click to see
Sept. 10th, 2020 My whore Jessica has a new target of sexiness she wants to reach $25.00 ($50.00 total) click to see
Sept. 10th, 2020 Yes, sell your garbage on Mercari and I need all the money you earn. $50.00 ($275.00 total) click to see
Sept. 11th, 2020 Keith & Linda... as you can see I have a new locomotive ;-)) $50.00 ($100.00 total) click to see
Sept. 11th, 2020 My puppy Kenny loves receiving photo of my feet as part of his treat $25.00 ($100.00 total) click to see

- August 2020 - Admirer of the month WINNER - Keith & Linda

(Other men receive my personal attention while you wank on some soulless porn). Can you afford $25?


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August 2020 (previous month)

Aug. 4th, 2020 I will be wearing my nylon socks / knee highs for you Harry! $50.00 click to see
Aug. 4th, 2020 Let's start a new month of your pleasure and torture, Kenny $25.00 click to see
Aug. 4th, 2020 My feet are cooking these stockings and these stockings for you Ed! $100.00 click to see
Aug. 6th, 2020 Look at it! I received the same ass plug as you have my sexy slut Jessica! $25.00 click to see
Aug. 7th, 2020 Yes, you're also allowed to look at my ass shine slave Ken! $25.00 click to see
Aug. 7th, 2020 It's my time to get lost in my own chart as you in space, Keith & Linda! $50.00 click to see
Aug. 9th, 2020 My slave Tom is back to worship my ass. It is impossible to forget me! $25.00 click to see
Aug 11th 2020 Are you ready for my lickable feet, my slave Ken?! $25.00 click to see
Aug 12th 2020 I bought these black panties for you Michael $100.00 click to see
Aug 13th 2020 The pandemic is over and you'll be able sucking cocks again my slut Jess $25.00 click to see
Aug 14th 2020 I shipped my stinky socks to you... my silly socks sniffer Ken $25.00 click to see
Aug 14th 2020 I'll start am wearing my panties and socks for you Keith & Linda! $50.00 click to see
Aug 15th 2020 Thank you Robbie-Bobbie #2 for your support! I'll support your itch too ;)) $25.00 click to see
Aug 18th 2020 Lick my soles while waiting for my socks my foot sniffer Ken! $25.00 click to see
Aug 18th 2020 You know what you want Garry! This panty is yours now! $50.00 click to see
Aug 20th 2020 Start using a lipstick again my getting sexier slut Jessica! $25.00 click to see
Aug 21th 2020 My slave Kenny is happy to receive my sweaty, stinky socks #0403! $25.00 click to see
Aug 21th 2020 Jason is losing weight. -1.8 lbs weekly as part of my socks/feet motivation $25.00 click to see
Aug 21th 2020 I am wearing my panties and socks for you Keith & Linda! $50.00 click to see
Aug 25th 2020 I know you're a happy puppy sleeping with my stinky socks, my pet Kenny $25.00 click to see
Aug 28th 2020 Look how sexy my slut Jessica! Who wants to be sucked? $25.00 ($100.00 total) click to see
Aug 28th 2020 You're allowed to release your vulcano, my personal ass sniffer Ken. $25.00 ($175.00 total) click to see
Aug 28th 2020 Jason's donation for a pair of stinky socks he received today $25.00 ($50.00 total) click to see
Aug 29th 2020 This tribute for a new video for Jason wearing new panties $50.00 click to see
Aug 30th 2020 Keith & Linda are never enough of my nylon knee highs (white) $50.00 click to see
Aug 31th 2020 Keith & Linda's check and mate in this month's blind competition $50.00 ($250.00 total) click to see

If you are worried about being mentioned in this chart, I will not publish your details here.

    Karina, please spend this amount to tease me even more!

Donations for my summer vacation. - DONE!

As you slaves know, I spent the whole JUNE on vacation. I know you can't be on vacation for a MONTH as I can as you have to work for me! Hahahaha Moreover... I need to recharge my mind battery again to make you addicted to me even with much more power. I will be a sticky creature for you again and it will not be possible to get lost after you see my sexy tanned body. I've spent all money you sent me as your regular donations, so it's time to fill my wallet again. I'll convert this money into your pleasure. I know you want it! You work hard to bring me a comfortable life. Keep going! You're good at what you do!

Donations for autumn shopping. - DONE!

Slaves... Autumn is here and I need some new pairs of sexy boots or half boots or whatever I like and make my feet warm. My flip flops are ruined, so I hope you'll donate enough to I buy a new pair of flip-flops as well. LOL... As you know I am not a big spender and I never waste my money for super expensive cothes/footwear. I am the source of beauty, not the goods. They are only to underline my natural sexy look. Isn't I make this pair look sexy on me? I'll make another pair look good.

Donations for a new leather chair/throne - DONE!

I am a Goddess and I need a gorgeous throne. Don't you agree? So sit quiet and listen, slave. I want you to feel as a helpless puppet who has no his own will, but has a urge to please such a wonderful, real deal Goddess (ME). Work hard to see me riding a great, stylish and expensive leather throne. Follow my orders, you, weak willed slave! Kneel down to kiss my feet and send a tribute. I'll contact you today to start your addiction! All you need to do is to put the coins into my piggy bank to purchase a gorgeous throne. Look at the photo to see the actual chair I have now. I deserve something more than that. Don't you agree?? It isn't sexy nor comfortable. It is broken and doesn't hold my back well. I'll get rid of it as soon as I get a new one! My back health worth more than the money you send. It's priceless, so pay your tribute NOW!

Donations for new perfumes. - DONE!

Being a Goddess, I need to have a sexy odor. Of course, I always have more than one perfume. I wear different odors in different seasons, activity, outfit, place I need to go. Only silly gals have just one perfume to wear. I am always different and have a different smell. Do you want to know what my favourite perfumes are? Send a tribute now! I love to buy it when it's cool outside and the smell is fresh. I never buy any perfume in summer when it's hot outside as it could 'ruin' the smell.

If you wish, I could discreetly list your name as a donor on this page. The list of donors will be identical as the slaves chart page. You will belong to the new era of my website. Don't be shy to send the smallest amount if you can't donate more. I appreciate any donation as I know you want to send a tribute.

Donations for a pair of sexy ear rings and a stylish winter coat. - DONE!

Every girl wants to feel like a Princess, but I am already a Princess and you need to take care of me as your treasure! Make me be even sexier and gorgeous. Send this month's donations to I buy a pair of ear rings to be even sexier and I need a new stylish winter coat. It's not too expensive, don't shake ;)) I just need to get it for everyday wear, but it should be as sexy and stylish as possible. Donate now! I know you want to! Santa needs to be sexy!



  Please let me serve you my Goddess.

    It's time I paid another tribute, my Goddess.

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