Story #11 - Nothingness for Money Mistress

Nick had given his house to the Goddess. It was a big house, but he knew that the Goddess deserved it more than him - because she was born a Goddess and he was born to be a slave.

After he had given the house to the Goddess, she kept him on for a few months as one of her staff of many slaves. To amuse herself she made him work harder than all the other slaves, and she ordered the other slaves to treat him badly. She giggled to herself about this.

Eventually, she tired of him. She wanted to make sure that, after all, the house was hers. She wanted to underline that she was the boss. So, she had him thrown out for good. She was not there when this was done. She did not say 'goodbye' to him for the last time. She was on holiday at the time - sunning herself on the beach in the South of France. She had ordered that it was filmed however and the video put on YouTube for her to watch later that day. As she watched the video she smiled to herself, finished her drink, and then went to bed in her 5-star hotel room.

Several months later, she was being driven to her favorite night club in her brand new Hummer. As she stepped out she noticed all the male eyes turning to her. As always happened. She treated them all to her pearl white smile. As she walked towards the door, she looked down and spotted someone she recognized. There, on the street, was Nick, her former slave. He was begging.

Without thinking she just laughed out loud, and pointed. She was with a new man that evening, and so told him who the beggar was. At her command, the man reached down, grabbed what pennies Nick had, and then picked him up and threw him against the wall. The Goddess then stepped over to her former slave. She knew she looked amazingly good. Her long, perfect legs were on show. As she looked down at him and smiled, she spat at him. As the spit landed right in his eyes, she turned to her new guy, who gave her a high five and congratulated her on her good shot.

As she stepped into the club, she asked the bouncer to make sure that Nick was gone by the time she left. She entered the club just as the bouncer turned to Nick to sort him out. She was about to have a fabulous night and had already forgotten about Nick.

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