Well, well, I do think it's time we had a little chat. Don't you? You see I have been a very demanding Woman all my life and I always get what I want when it comes to men.

My Dominant nature has allowed me to get to know all kinds of men you see. I know a great deal about men, all kinds of men to be sure. In fact, I have been manipulating men since I was a teenager, and it has always come very easy to me. As you can see, I possess the attributes that allow me to make all the choices when it comes to men. And I am very particular, I prefer very well hung men who know how to satisfy me and that's not easy, I only choose the real studs with the size to satisfy me.

little dick slave humiliation

Ahh, feeling a little left out? Well, don't worry little one. You see there is a place in my world for little wimps like you with tiny dicks. As I said earlier, I just love to manipulate men and the ones I have always found easiest to control have been the ones with tiny little cocks. Now don't get the wrong idea, I would never be even remotely interested in having sex with you. However, there can be a place for you and your useless little dick in my world, but it will be on my terms little one. Understand? I'm sure you do, but let me go over a few of the ground rules before you get all flustered and excited.

I just love to find wimpy little pindicks like you and use them to my advantage. Communicate with them, make sure they know their inferior status and how they can be useful to me. Wrap them up tight around my little finger and humiliate them into submission, into giving in to my demands. Yes, guys with three or four little inches in their pants are helpless prey when I decide to make them my humble little servants. I train them to worship me as a Goddess who is far out their reach, who they must strive to please. Little dick wimps like you are nothing but my toys, helpless little toys I use to abet the erotic pleasure I seek with real men who are very large and who know how to satisfy me.

a slave with a small dick

And yes little one, I will train you systematically and humiliate you into becoming my helpless little teensy-dicked servant whose purpose is to guarantee I receive the maximum sexual pleasure from real men. Men with very thick, large cocks. Not little pinky sized dicks like yours. LOL. In order to insure my maximum pleasure, I will require you to make online purchases for me: stockings, exotic bra and panty sets and other lingerie for me to wear on my dates. Exotic teddies. New shoes occasionally. And yes I will require you to tribute me. My control and enslavement of the tiny-dicked wimp male always includes a financial outlay, and before you know it, I will have you begging to tribute me. So you see little one, having a tiny pee-pee and being a little wimp does not exclude you from my world. There is a little tiny place for you, wimp, and I will make you learn to live for it, to treasure it, and love every minute of it.

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