Goddess Lemur always enjoys the annual review. It is the time when she sits down with each slave and assesses how well they have done in the previous year, how much they have given, and how much they will give in the future.

For my slaves it is the best day of the year. They all wait for the day and get so excited. All the months of hard work and no material reward are all worth it 1,000 times over! Why? Because they get to be in the presence of the most beautiful and perfect being: Goddess Lemur. She is so amazing that she fills a slave with so much joy. All of them know that she is a divine being.

At my last annual review, Goddess Lemur sat down with me. I don't live with her. I live in a tiny flat in a bad part of town - that way I can give Goddess Lemur more money.

I had been giving Goddess Lemur almost everything. My monthly pay, after taxes and other costs, was $1,500. I was giving her $1,300.

Goddess Lemur did not ask me how he was getting by on just $200 per month. Why should she? She is all-important. I am nothing. She told me how she'd spend more than 10 times my $200 allowance on a fun evening out. This made me feel very guilty. Living on that $200 felt like theft. I felt like I was stealing that from her. 'What an unworthly slave', I thought.

Then, Goddess Lemur answered my prayers. She told me that she wanted more. Thank you, Goddess Lemur!

She wanted $1,375 per month. She wanted this because she was saving for a new Hummer. A black one, with tinted windows and black leather interior. She showed me the brochure. It is a beautiful car, and she would look so perfect in it. I can imagine seeing her drive passed in it and feeling in the presence of greatness. She told me that she was bored of her BMW sitting outside. It was two years old, and she felt embarrassed to drive it. Again, I felt guilty. My selfishness in keeping $200 per month had been keeping this Hummer from her.

Plus, she liked the idea of me living on less than $5 per day. In fact, she just openly laughed about it in front of me, before sipping some champagne. I was so happy. I was going to be Goddess Lemur's little experiment. Could I survive on less than $5 per day?

She then told me to empty my pockets into a bucket. I obeyed, of course. There were a few dollars in there (my bus fare home) as well as my only remaining photo of my children. Goddess Lemur took the money, and ripped up the photo. That hurt, I must admit, but I just repeated to myself, 'Goddess is everything', 'Goddess is everything'. I told myself that Goddess Lemur was all I needed to concern myself with. She is 1,000 times more important than everything I have.

With that, she ended the annual review, but before I was seen off the property, I was told to clean her BMW, inside and out. I thanked Goddess for this true honour, and set about it.

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