Strange as it may seem, my favourite slave is my poorest slave (Kenneth). I have slave (Manhattan lawyer) who give me $1,000 a month who I cannot even remember, because he always have no time (work, work, work) and he pays me automatically into my bank account. Yet, one slave, who earns only $400 per month, after taxes and bills, is my favourite.

Why? Because I put his tribute up every week by fridays, and he always pays.

I know he's poor because I have seen his payslips and bank statements (they get sent directly to me, after all).

The latest sum I demanded from him was $600, and yet he paid.

To check up on him - and make 100% sure he wasn't lying about his wealth - I had my other slaves spy on him. Guess what? He actually begs on the street for extra pennies to give to me! Ha! Ha! Ha! What a loser! I simply love the idea of him sitting in the street, in dirty rags, with rain pouring down on his ugly fat face. I love this because I am going to get every last penny of this.

In fact, what I like to do most is to make the slave come into my bedroom, and hand over the money in person with my boyfriend's spunk still hanging off my perfect body. I am so untouchable and so far out of his league. Ha!

Most of all, I loved making the slave wait to hand over the cash, whilst my boyfriend and I made passionate love right in front of him.

I do love being a Goddess...

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