My slaves know that I am a better person than they are. Their brains are puny compared to mine. If they cannot understand why a command I give them is in their best interests then it is because they are too stupid to understand.

Let me give you an example.

I am a kind Goddess. Yes, I punish slaves who are lazy, but I also reward slaves who are good. If a money slave were to pay me more one month than I demand of him then I will consider rewarding him.

The reward? Starvation! One way I reward slaves is to give them a number of days on starvation diet. If they live in my mansion, or at the beach house, then they will have a device attached to their mouths that prevents them from eating. A good slave might be given, say, three days without food.

The pain of hunger that they feel will remind them of their love for me and my power over them. What else could be a better reward for a slave? Only a really stupid slave will not understand why that's a real treat.

If they have been really good then what I will do is order them, starving as they are, to watch my boyfriend and I eat all our meals - a big breakfast, light lunch, and then a wonderful banquet in the evening. We will show him every mouthful of food. Of course we always have too much food, and so the slave will be expected to throw out all the leftovers at the end. What a lucky slave!

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