Story #6 - SHOES SLAVE

One day it really hit me hard how much of a loser I was. While I was in good shape physically, I suddenly saw myself for what I was: an unambitious, balding, subservient 36 year old "man" who worked in a shoe store. Out of college, I sought out a job in women's shoes to satisfy my foot fetish. And initially it was awesome getting to be around all those feet. But I didn't realize how much time had passed.

And because males are idiots, we always need to be more and more extreme in our fetish pursuits. So I would go out of my way to be extra submissive to the store manager, Barbara. I would fetch her lunch, work extra hard. And eventually it got to the point where I would even run personal errands for her when it was slow, or rub her feet in the back office.

On the day my life was to change forever, I had been massaging Barbara's feet for well over an hour while she was on the phone with her friend. "Oh," she said, acknowledging me for the first time in a long time. "Loser, I left some dry cleaning in my car. Go get it and drop it off. And bring me a jamba juice when you return."

As I was walking out the door to the office, my whole world stopped: I laid eyes on Goddess Lemur for the first time. She was seated, trying on a pair of Chanel sandals. One of the salesgirls, Emma, was on her knees, staring up at Goddess Lemur, transfixed by her beauty. I had never seen Emma get on the floor for anyone!

I knelt down at this Goddess's feet and couldn't speak. So now she had two employees staring up at her, worshipfully, anxious to please her.

"I know," she said. "I'm perfect."

Emma & I shook our heads quickly. Yes, yes!

"What's your name?"


"dan, hand your credit card to your little coworker." I did and she turned to Emma. "Now go and ring up my shoes on his card."

The shoes were way more than I make in a week. But I didn't even think twice.

"Do you understand that I don't even bring money with me wherever I go? I don't need to. My name is Goddess Lemur and the world exists to serve me. Now box up these sandals and put my boots back on."

I couldn't contain my joy and reverence at getting to attend to her perfect feet. I lovingly removed each sandal and held each foot in the air before putting on the beautiful stocking anklets and guiding her precious feet back into her Prada ankle boots.

She rested her boots on my kneeling thighs. And I was struck, right away, by how proud I felt. My whole life, my submissive nature seemed shrouded in shame and secrecy. And now I was so proud to be under a true Goddess's feet.

"You realize you're a slave, correct?" I agreed, desperately.

"Good. Take me to your boss."

We walked into the backroom. Barbara started to ask where her smoothie was but Goddess Lemur cut her off -

"Shut up. Hang up your phone and open up dan's employee profile. i want you to redirect his direct deposit into this account." She placed a card on the desk. "I want him paid for 40 hours a week regardless of whether or not he actually works those hours."

And now Barbara had the same open mouthed awe Emma and I had upon seeing our perfect Goddess.

"Now fetch my sandals and follow me. There's a lot you have to learn..."

As I followed her to her car, carrying her shoes, I instinctively walked several paces behind her. And my mouth was still open, in awe of her beauty and command. I knew my life was forever different upon meeting her.

To Be Continued!!!

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