One day I woke up and decided I wanted more house slaves. The slaves had already been up for hours, of course, doing the housework, so I had them all rounded up and herded into the cellar.

I called the two master slaves (the two sexy slaves I used to run the others) and explained what I wanted them to do. Each slave was given a tablet and told to eat it. Once they had all swallowed it, what was happening was explained.

I told them that what they had just swallowed would cause them a huge amount of pain, and that the only way for them to stop the pain would be to be given another tablet. However, they would only get the good tablet if they recruited another house slave by that evening.

I then went back to bed to sleep, leaving instructions to be woken again with a bottle of chilled champagne in the evening...

My favourite master slave, Ben, woke me that evening. 'Goddess Lemur,' he said, 'the slaves are all back, and you will be very happy, I hope.'

After a quick conversation with Ben, I dressed and went down to the cellar. Instead of the eight slaves I had in the morning, I now had 16. Every slave had done his job!

As a treat and reward for them all, they got to watch me and Ben have sex right in front of them. Lucky things!

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