I have just taken a new moneyslave on. How I recruited him was so much fun! Let me tell you about it...

Two financial slavery wannabes had emailed me. As they lived locally, I asked them to come around to be inspected. They both turned up at the same time, as I told them to do, and I made them march into my basement and strip.

Once they were naked, I took lots of photos of them, making sure to get their faces into the shots. 'I may want to use them as blackmail slaves', I thought to myself. I also made sure to switch on the hidden surveillance cameras too. As I did, I giggled a little. 'I love new cash slaves', I whispered to myself.

'Imagine that the other slave is me. Imagine that I had told you that you could kiss me. Now, kiss each other like you were kissing me.' The money slaves kissed each other passionately, which was all being filmed, and I also photographed it up close.

'Right,' I said, 'that's enough.'

'This money mistress has space only for one new paypig, so you will bid for the honour. Each of you earns the same, so each of you will bid for the one remaining place. You will bid based on how much you think you can live on in a month, with the rest coming to me. Okay, pay-pigs, bid!'

'I will live on just $100!' said the fat paypig.

'$50!' said the fit young one.

'Err... $30!' shouted the fat one, clearly not knowing how he would live on so little, but totally smitten by his beautiful new money goddess.

'$10!' the sexy one said.

'Tell you what,' I said, 'you - fatty - you will live on $5 per month, after your rent and all that. It'll be good for you to eat less as you are disgustingly obese', I said, laughing. 'You', I said, looking at the other slave, 'will live here with me, and as such will give me all your money.'

I then produced legally-binding contracts for them both to sign. As they both eagerly signed, I looked at the hot young slave I had just acquired, and who would live with me. I could feel myself getting very hot inside. He was in for a real treat later!

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